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How to open an online store?

For a long time you want to go into the product business and open your own online store, but do not know where to start? In our article, we will analyze the basic steps that will help you understand how to create an online store and get started in the near future.

Online stores began to gain popularity since 1994, when entrepreneur Jeffrey Bezos created the Amazon online store. Today, more and more entrepreneurs decide to open their online store, because:

Buyers choose convenience by ordering goods in an online store in parallel with other matters.

In the online store you can find a wider range of things compared to retail stores, as well as exclusive and rare goods

The online store works almost without interruptions, payment for goods remotely can also be done at any time

The price of goods in the online store is often much lower, since it includes less costs for the owner

What are the online stores?

Shops catalogs with a large number of assortment. In such an online store, the buyer is provided with a large selection of products, each of which, as a rule, is represented by several models

Stores with one product. Such an online store most often represents a one-page website created on the basis of a sales funnel that gradually encourages the user to pay.

Wholesale stores. The purpose of this type of online store is to sell goods at wholesale prices in large quantities to retail stores.

How to open an online store from scratch?

If you decide to create your own online store, it is important to plan the main stages of work:

1. Select a product to sell in your online store. Experts recommend that you base your choice of product on your hobby, because that is how you can explain to the future buyer the advantages of your product and encourage it to buy in an online store. For example, if you sew, you can open a store with goods for sewing or sell ready-made clothes, if you are fond of fishing – fishing tackle.

It is also important to pay attention to the popularity of the product – the higher it is, the more income you will receive. For example, today electronics and household appliances, clothes and shoes, mobile phones, and car accessories share the palm in the commodity business.

2. Select the name of the online store. At the same time, it is important that it be recognizable, and it can easily be found on the Internet. The name may be associated with the product or the place where you plan to work online store. You can also create a unique name that cannot be found at another online store. You can come up with a name yourself or contact a specialist or company that deals with naming services.

3. Decide on a resource on which you will create an online store. If you want to understand how to make an online store, you can use two ways: if you have programming skills, you can create it yourself, if not, you can connect a web design studio to work or contact a programmer.
After creating an online store, you will need to select a domain name and hosting and pay for them.

Regardless of whether you will create an online store website yourself or connect specialists, it is important to consider key points:

The design of the online store should match the products you sell to the maximum

The structure of the site of the online store must necessarily include the main page and pages with the catalog of goods, price, basket for the order and page for its design, information about payment, delivery and contacts. Optionally, you can also create additional pages with frequently asked questions, customer reviews and connect other blocks

The heading of the online store should be designed in such a way that it contains a logo, information about working hours and terms of payment and delivery, as well as contain contact information

For each product card of the online store, you need to prepare a photo, description, price, there should also be a button for purchase or reservation, if possible, customer reviews of this product

Add your groups on social networks to the site’s page so that users can see that the online store is “live” and real people are behind it

Install widgets on the website of the online store that will encourage the client to dialogue and subsequent purchase – for example, a widget for a call back or an online consultant

4. Before opening an online store, configure payment methods. Try to make sure that your client has the opportunity to choose a payment method in the online store – through the website by bank transfer, cash or card payment to the courier upon receipt of the order, cash on delivery upon delivery by Russian Post.

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