How to open an online store?
For a long time you want to go into the product business and open your own online store, but do not know where to start? In our article, we will…

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Tough measures or how to make adjustments to the company
The reasons why there is a need to change the strategy of a company of one orientation or another are different, but most often it is a decrease in productivity…

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How to open an online store?
For a long time you want to go into the product business and open your own online store, but do not know where to start? In our article, we will…

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A pinch of inspiration: six ideas for experimenting with email newsletters

It’s no secret that email marketing works great in ecommerce. But there is a difficulty. With high competition, getting a user to open and engage in a message is getting harder.

Do not despair and experiment, even if the methods seem hackneyed. Alina Novozhenova, marketing and communications product manager at Biglion, shares six ideas for experimenting in email newsletters.

Enter new categories
Email newsletter has long ceased to be just sending messages about new shares of the company. Yes, such letters are also relevant, but do not forget to come up with new formats that will interest users.

For example, over the course of five years, we have compiled a selection of the coolest restaurants for clients weekly. This selection proved to be effective, but we wondered how else to unleash the potential of this format. Then we decided to add in letters not only restaurant promotions, which have a rather low average bill, but also more expensive coupons. Thus, we wanted to expand the target audience of letters.

Boost sales? Easy! Services from trusted companies in the Rusbase B2B store.
Ultimately, the restaurant selection turned into a poster with a variety of ways to relax in the evening or on the weekend. Thanks to this experiment, we doubled the turnover from the newsletter.

These results are very inspiring, so we came up with and implemented a few more headings. So there appeared thematic letters with a selection of stocks for a specific event and long-reads with life hacks about reasonable savings. Now these letters bring 20% ​​of the turnover in the email channel.

For inspiration: Imagine that you are the chief editor of a magazine about your product. What would this magazine be about? What is its content? What would you place on the cover? Who would be the author of the articles – maybe employees? Or customers? Sketch ideas: this way you will certainly get insights for experimenting with categories and content of letters.

Try new ways to trigger messages
“You forgot it”, “Something awaits you in the basket”, “You recently watched” – once such message topics generated very high ORs, but now the effectiveness of the headers in which we specifically show the user that we are literally following him decreases markedly.

We decided to alternate letters with the themes “On the forehead” with the letters “Signs of fate”. For example, now that the user has looked at the Entertainment category, we don’t tell him “We saw that you are interested in this category”, we tell him “Wow, the entertainment category coupons are very popular now.” This places an emphasis on social proof and sends a signal “Yes, you are doing everything right, many people agree with your choice, rather, buy it!”.

An example of a newsletter whose CTOR has increased from 30% to 42%

Increase the number of clickable elements
Text content is one of the most important parts of writing, but do not forget about graphic elements. Especially about Call to action (CTA). Today, there is a tendency to refuse a large number of call-to-action buttons, but we increased the click-to-open rate (CTOR) by 500% due to the addition of clickable elements to banners and to each viewing screen.

We make all elements in the letter clickable, even small pictures, so that the user can go to the site as soon as he wants. The CTA buttons themselves are useful and convenient for customers.

It is important not to get rid of them, but to make sure that the buttons do not callous eyes thanks to a thoughtful design and a clear appeal.

For inspiration: remember the game when you need to run around the chairs to music, and when the music stops, have time to sit on a chair? Imagine that as soon as the “music stops”, you need to click on the element in the letter and get to the site. Didn’t work out? So it’s time to add links.

Add customer reviews
In order to increase confidence in your product, try adding customer reviews. Here you can experiment with their formats and appearance, but it is important that the review is not so much laudatory as useful.

Choose reviews that have details and real facts. At Biglion, we regularly test the visual format and content of emails: we always add customer reviews to mono-mailings, and as a result we get 40% more CTOR and 25% more conversion to purchase.

Make a conversation if the user did not open the letter
If you notice that a letter has a small OR, you should try to duplicate it with a different subject. Just set up the message thread if the user has not opened the previous message. This increases the number of unique views of communication by 1.5-2 times. The subject of writing in this case is a huge scope for creativity.

For inspiration: we have prepared a cool selection of stocks for the weekend.
Let’s outline the subject of the letter, depending on what we want to hook the user:

What to do on the weekend? (Briefly and clearly. We sound a specific question that arises in the user’s head – we give an answer)

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