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How to avoid suspicions of money laundering. The eight rules of legal business

Account lockout is one of the main fears of small businesses. It is difficult to imagine something more unpleasant for the owner than the lack of access to company funds.

Denis Skokov, head of the small business department at Raiffeisenbank, tells what to look for so that this fear does not become a reality.

Conduct a dialogue with the bank
“There is no time to deal with banks” – this can be heard from any business owner. But in order to avoid problems with the financial design of economic activities, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of time on this – it will be enough to build processes.

Difficulties begin when the company does not make contact with the bank or tries to change the bank when receiving first requests for data on the organization’s activities: “We constantly respond to some requests, something went wrong with us in one bank, and we started working with the following, in the first case, sometimes payments slip through, and here we have an account blocked. ” Without responding to questions from the bank, a business may go at the peak of toxic digital traces that will complicate access to funds.

So that you are not mistaken when choosing, Rusbase recommends its readers reliable lawyers and attorneys.

Keep track of the account
A “sleeping” account is a sign of a lack of economic activity. If you have several accounts in different banks, make sure that the turnover on them is divided proportionally.

Pay taxes
According to Opora Rossii, in the first quarter of 2019, 56% of cases of restrictions on working with accounts are associated with the presentation of tax requirements to the enterprise.

Payment of taxes is a hygienic factor for the survival of a business, but it is important to pay taxes not through one bank, but in proportion to the turnover on existing accounts.

Check partners
Even in the presence of a good tax burden, salary payments and other signs of positive economic activity, suspicious counterparties may become the reason for additional checks.

Many banks offer services for assessing the business reputation of counterparties, which already include verification by the Federal Tax Service and the register of disqualified persons. In any case, you should make sure that this process is established in your company.

On the website of the Federal Tax Service, you can check the integrity of the counterparty, and on a separate website of the tax service you can check the status of self-employed, when working with which you do not need to withhold personal income tax and charge insurance premiums on its remuneration. There are also paid resources for checking the business reputation and financial stability of the counterparty – SPARK and Kontur.Fokus.

Some categories of activities are at increased risk, for example, construction or transportation services. Companies in this area often work with large amounts of cash and are not very accurate with paperwork. It is better to approach the conclusion of contracts with them with great attention.

Use non-cash payment
If for business purposes you withdraw significant amounts of cash in excess of 30% of the turnover on accounts, this is one of the significant indicators of suspicious transactions that the Central Bank urges you to pay attention to.

Salary fund, settlements with suppliers, payment for partner services – all these expense items should be transferred to a current account. At the same time, if you separate payments by type of activity, it is better to use different accounts so that the transactions that go through the account correspond to them.

Pay attention to payment details.
The purpose of payments helps to justify the economic activity of the company, so it is better to fill them out in as much detail as possible.

“Toxic” payments may result in the company being on the 550-P list (a list of companies that were denied service based on 115-FZ violations).

As follows from the messages of the Telegram channel “The Same 115-FZ”, the order of transfers from the accounts of unscrupulous companies even became a paid service in the market of “black” struggle with competitors.

If you receive suspicious receipts to the account, do not spend them, but notify the law enforcement authorities and contact the bank with a copy of the accepted application.

Properly execute documents when working with contractors
This is important not only for bank reporting, but also to insure against legal troubles when working with contractors.

Keep documents confirming interaction with contractors – checks, receipts, contracts. Make sure that the details and data on the services provided in the accounts coincide with those stated in the contract.
Respond to inquiries
Imagine a situation in which a company does not have a rented office, salary fund, and the economic meaning of economic activity is so confusing that it is difficult to understand.

When composing cover letters to documents sent at the request of the bank, do not be lazy instead of the general wording “we are engaged in advertising” to clarify that you are “engaged in the design, production and installation of exhibition stands”.

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