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Are all the channels performance marketing uses your business?
What are the main benefits of SMS advertising? Firstly, the main channels of performance marketing are concentrated inside the Internet browser, where the user is already surrounded by advertising. SMS…

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Are all the channels performance marketing uses your business?

What are the main benefits of SMS advertising?
Firstly, the main channels of performance marketing are concentrated inside the Internet browser, where the user is already surrounded by advertising. SMS comes on top of all windows and even on a locked screen, and in addition, remains in the message menu.

Secondly, SMS advertising opens up completely new geo-targeting opportunities – in real time or based on past visits. Telecommunications operators have the most accurate and current data on the user’s location.

Thirdly, audience targeting is based on the operator’s own data, unlike online advertising, where targeting is based on user behavior on the network.

What tasks can SMS targeting solve?
Consider the example of the MegaFon Target service
You can select locations on the city map. If the subscriber has got into this territory or regularly visits it, he will receive advertising. It is also possible to limit the targeting by city or region and select subscribers in roaming.

If the subscriber is often in the area where your cafe is located, you can send him an SMS-message and talk about discounts. Or, if your online store delivers goods within the city for free, write about it to its residents.

Find buyers by narrow areas of interest
You can narrow the audience, based on 74 categories: Sports, Recreation, Entertainment, Cafes, Banks, Cars, Children’s Products and others. You can send newsletters to visitors to specific sites, users of a specific operating system or to those who called to similar organizations.

For example, you can send advertisements for children’s products to parents. And if you connect geo-targeting, the campaign will become even more effective: send messages about special offers of children’s stores, clubs and entertainment centers to those who are nearby.

Find buyers with a specific income, gender or age
Choose the gender, age and income of those who should receive an advertising offer. Revenue is determined by the actions of subscribers – spending, transfers, account replenishment, and so on – using deep learning technologies.

If the target audience of your beauty salon is a woman of 18-35 years of age with average incomes, you can send them a personalized offer. Or if subscribers visited sports nutrition sites from a smartphone or called fitness clubs, write them about discounts on subscription rates in the gym.

Organize an additional channel to attract customers when online advertising is no longer growing
The MegaFon base is large and diverse. Describe your target audience in the “My Account”, and the telecom operator will choose the right people from 70 million subscribers. This guarantees up-to-date advertising and the absence of spam.

Organize repeat sales on your customer base
You can upload your own database to the system. This will help to stay in touch with customers and increase sales. Fill in the birthdays and previous purchase dates to congratulate customers and make more personalized offers.

In addition, you can target messages by telecom operator, for example, send a message only to MegaFon subscribers from your database who have agreed to receive advertising. This will help if you are not sure of the consent of the customers and do not want fines.

Assess the effectiveness of the campaign
MegaFon Target allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. The promotional code generator will attract customers with benefits and help to understand which of the buyers came thanks to targeted SMS. You can also calculate the number of clicks by posting a special link in the message.

To turn this data into understandable performance indicators, you can calculate the CTR – click-through rate of advertising. So you can understand how attractive your proposal was and whether you have a good target audience. And by connecting your sales department, you will find out how many people who clicked on the link bought the product.

In addition, the service helps control the budget. Before sending the newsletter, the system will show how much the advertising campaign will cost. But you can estimate the necessary budget now.

The cost of one message of 70 characters is from 1.74 rubles, the cost of additional targeting parameters is from 0.1 to 2 rubles. Suppose we do a newsletter for men from Moscow who visited certain sites. We send a thousand SMS messages and select three parameters for the target:

Cost of mailing = 1000 SMS * (1.74 rub. + 0.1 rub. (Gender) + 0.2 rub. (City) + 0.5 rub. (Sites)) = 2 540 rub.

Statistics and costing tools help you control campaign costs. In addition, they allow you to determine how much money is spent on each borrowed.

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