Doomed business ideas. The view of investors.
Business angels and venture capital fund analysts are inundated with countless ideas for the business. Undoubtedly, many of them are worthy of attention (statistics speak only of 10% of the…

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Home Business Ideas
All business books written by sharks of entrepreneurial activity are based, in fact, on one rule: "Do only what you like and be honest with yourself." Indeed, the whole secret…

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A selection of business ideas with minimal investment
Each of us at least once in his life, but thought about how good it would be to be the owner of our own business and work according to our…

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Dreaming of getting out of the OS?

The dream of any entrepreneur is the opportunity to go on vacation without fear that in a week of his absence the company will fall apart. As it turned out, there is a way to fulfill this desire.

Alexander Kuklev, the head of BENKONI, tells how to arrange the work of the company in such a way that the founder has the opportunity to leave operations management and take on more urgent tasks.

If you run your business for at least a few years, try to remember that happy day when in the morning you could just wake up and soak in bed, calmly have breakfast with your family and spend the whole day on your own – working or relaxing. When was such a day in your life?

If for a long time, and every morning, it usually starts with a package of calls, SMS and email, most of which require an immediate solution, otherwise even more serious problems may arise, – congratulations, you are in the operating system.

My article will not solve for you all the routine problems of your own business. But it can help you figure out how to get out of a vicious circle.
Leadership at the heart of company success
I try to show my people the end result of our common path, and also to support them at every step along this long road. I will break this statement into concrete components.

A clear enterprise strategy, understandable for every employee.
The employee must understand that it is in this company that it makes sense to linger for a long time, and maybe make it the business of his life on a par with me, albeit on a different rung.

In our company, the strategy for holding annual planning meetings proved to be excellent, at which we consider not only the reporting for this year, but also the strategy for the next. This information is shared with all employees.
Care for the staff of the company
Everyone who works for you actually sells you part of their time in exchange for salaries and bonuses. But if you stop looking at employees as a mechanism for creating your own wallet, and see living people with worries and problems, plans and hopes, you can also get an absolutely invaluable resource – trust.

I do not forget to be interested in the affairs of my employees, I help them to solve personal problems whenever possible, be it health or additional education, I try to become their older brother, and not just the person behind the door with the “Director” sign on them.
Informing employees about the current situation
Business problems arise and are solved, but the trust of employees, customers and suppliers is usually lost once and for all.

My experience shows that to honestly inform employees about problems, people will see that you trust them and appreciate it.

In addition to the usual production meetings, I run my page on social networks and write short news about the company there, and it’s convenient to carry out general information using modern solutions: we use Bitrix24 not only for accounting, but also for summing up the results for weeks / months. Even in the “one-way” chat on WhatsApp, I constantly write important news for employees. This makes them feel like a team.
The team is the next step on the road from routine to freedom
How to form a good team that over time will relieve you of routine tasks and give you time to make strategic decisions in a quiet mode of reflection, and not in between the control of shipments and deliveries?

Not so difficult, you just need to build it from top to bottom. See how this is done in our company.

We form the staff of the company and grow future tops
The foundation of any of your departments, whether they are marketing, logistics or manufacturing, is a competent line manager. The ideal option, in my opinion, would be the head of the department, “grown up” in the company, knowing all the ins and outs of his business.

In our company, almost all leadership positions are occupied by “natives”:

the head of the marketing department began her career in the company as a confectioner;
the main “supplier” is a former packer;
the chief of production also went to work as a packer of products.
Our operations manager, a 24-year-old man who worked four years from the moment he got to work, worked as a packer, deputy head of the production department, head of the same department and my deputy along the same path.

How did I know that they will make good tops? The habit of asking simple questions to promising people helped me – what do they want to achieve in the company and in life in general.

Staff recruitment system
Thanks to the work of top managers, for more than a year and a half I have not been interviewing for admission to the lower positions of the company, and not only to the lower ones – the current personnel selection system has been debugged to automaticity.

The upper echelon has not changed for so long that all issues related to HR have left my jurisdiction. Heads of departments themselves select employees when expanding, tops sit in their places.

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