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Promotion in the era of surplus.

People stop making spontaneous purchases, preferring to first study the market, reviews, reviews and other information about the desired product. Therefore, companies should look at the behavior of potential customers and try to help them in making decisions.

ExeDrive service founder Julia Volikova talks about how brands can stay healthy for consumers in the “era of surplus”.

Some time ago, all marketing was built on real needs: a person wants an orange – he does not have an orange – we sell him an orange. Today, we are surrounded by thousands of oranges and any other goods. In this situation, the consumer turns into a “selector”.

His behavior is very well illustrated by the purchase of a complex product – a smartphone, for example. What is he doing? He consults with specialists, watches videos with reviews, asks for advice, reads articles and makes a decision after he has collected some kind of expertise. What for? To make an independent choice, protect yourself in an overwhelming informational noise.

Consumers today trust themselves and other people: they are tired of remarketing and retargeting, they are tired of the Facebook and Google algorithms, which simply catch up with users with their own requests. The audience goes into conscious consumption.

Modern marketing is, first of all, the rejection of manipulative and aggressive sales and a shift in the value plane. The main value is trust. And one of the ways to win it is to become an authority, an expert for the consumer.

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Become an expert
Teach your consumers, share life hacks, talk about trends, explain the specifics of the market – all these are effective ways to establish contact. This strategy works especially well in three cases.
If you have an innovative product
When a company creates a product that changes the market, consumption model or the actions of CA, then it has no other options but to become an expert. For example, almost 30 years ago, 1C company completely changed its approach to accounting, transferring everyone from Excel to a new program, its employees conducted seminars and master classes, taught entrepreneurs and accountants how to do business in a new way.

This is essentially a way to sell the future. When we literally painted our prototypes on our knees, we didn’t have a single “live” button, even then in my speeches I painted the image of the future product, told how it would change the industry and the profession itself. It so happened to attract the first customers, critics and like-minded people.
If you are a carrier of unique expertise
No need to be a Nobel laureate – just systematize the experience gained in one issue and transform it into useful information for your customers.

For example, once I had a tire service with the best specialists in the city – each had 15 years of experience. We advised clients on a free 24/7 line regarding the proper selection of tires and their operation. They took 30% of the market in eight months.

Another example – to promote a virtual marketing assistant, we now use training webinars for marketers. Unfortunately, marketing as a discipline appeared in our country only in 2000, so there are still not many experienced specialists in the market. We tell them about trends and learn how to use useful services. We are talking about new formats for working with small and medium-sized businesses, we give tips on how to increase the value of your time.

In addition, twice a month we run a free club with case studies. This greatly increases the loyalty of the audience and makes it easy to sell a subscription and affiliate offer. Conversion – 30%.

If you are building a personal brand
An effective way to attract your audience is to share personal experiences. How to lose weight, move to America, bake a cake, earn money and more. Through this content, people read similar values ​​and become loyal.

Decide on a strategy
First you need to decide on a promotion strategy and embed your expertise in it. There are two options:

generate unique content
act as an aggregator – make interesting selections, ratings, reviews.
In the first case, carriers of expertise are needed. It can be one person – for example, the founder of a company, or a whole team. So, the employees of the online service for the delivery of freshly roasted coffee Torrefacto conduct workshops on making coffee on YouTube and offline and gather around a large community of enthusiastic about this topic.

In the second, it can be just a competent copywriter who will collect interesting information from various sources and process it into unique content. For example, having a channel on Telegram with ideas for raising capital without investing money is useful and unique.

You can still be an expert who does not teach or advise, but evaluates, compares, compiles ratings. Remember the “Control Purchase” program – also a good strategy.

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