Crazy ideas from abroad that have been successful
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10 original business ideas that shot into the crisis

Credit – not at the bank, but where?

The answer to this question is well known to those who decided to connect their lives with the issuance of non-bank loans. Why carry your hard-earned funds to the Central Bank, which only raises interest rates on loans, if there is an interesting enough way to get money from alternative organizations?

10 original business ideas come from a crisis

The leader in this service market is Lending Club, which has organized peer-to-peer lending (literally translated “from hand to hand”).

The company allows you not to get in touch with banks, but organizes the issuance of loans between people.

The success of this company was so great that at the end of last year, Lending Club conducted an IPO and reached a total capitalization of $ 9 billion.

The process of arranging a loan is as follows – a person comes to the site, fills out a form that indicates the desired loan size, personal data, the company assesses the creditworthiness and determines what level of credit rate is suitable for a particular borrower. The minimum loan rate is 6% per annum.

It turns out that Lending Club is not related to the direct issuance of credit funds, therefore, it does not bear any particular risks, and receives money as a commission for organizing the transaction.

A loan can be taken for a period of 3 years or 5 years. Lenders independently look at the list of borrowers and work only with those with whom they want, allocating to the person the amount that they are ready to give him. Therefore, it often happens that one borrower has a number of lenders.

Over the entire period of the company’s work through its service, loans of more than $ 6 billion were given, and the net revenue of Lending Club in 2014 amounted to $ 150 million.

Trading “old” phones

Let’s look at your smartphone and try to remember how long you changed it? If you still go with Nokia or Siemens, the question does not concern you 🙂 Then look around and determine the average active life of the phone with friends or relatives.

Usually 1.5 years is the maximum that a person goes through with the same model. That’s the thing, having once tried a high-quality, fast, new smartphone, a person no longer wants to “remain faithful” to one model of the phone and be inseparable from it until the “very end of the phone”. Why doom your phone to aimlessly lying in the dusty and dark drawer of the table, if it can be offered to other people?

Sprint began its business of reselling used phones where necessary. Some telephones are sent to India and Africa, where any telephone is already better than its absence, some telephones are sent to non-ferrous and precious metals processing plants contained in the telephones, and some are sent to the Sprint store.

To return the phone to its original form, it is often only necessary to change the case and battery. Sprint buys phones through an office, where everyone can bring their obsolete gadget and get an nth amount of money for it.

Table seat

The crisis is not the time when restaurants are crowded with visitors, and it is impossible to even enter the cafe. In unstable times, people prefer to spend money on something really worthwhile and pleasant, without overpaying huge sums for prestige, courtesy of waiters and pathos of the establishment.

10 original business ideas come from a crisis

SupperKing application solved this problem in a very original way – the creators decided to “wipe their nose” for restaurant owners, equal to the success of the Airbnb service in the “fight” with hotels.

SupperKing is an opportunity for real housewives not only to share their own culinary masterpieces with others, but also to earn money.

In the application, you can invite several additional guests to your table by arranging gatherings in your own home restaurant.

Everyone who comes to dinner can not only taste the dishes and evaluate the hostess’s talent, but also give a public rating to the service, recommending this or that location for a “home dinner”.

If the hostess is not ready to host strangers, then she can always offer guests “takeaway food”.

Taxi with companions

To rationally use natural resources, someone puts meters on gas, on pipes that supply heat to the apartment, save water and light, and someone suggests sharing their own costs, making a daily trip to work and home a little cheaper.
Services such as SideCar and BlaBlaCar will help those who want to share costs with travel companions, but don’t know where to find travel companions.

In the service you must specify the route, departure time, approximate time spent on the road and the fare. So you can partially pay off gasoline and chat with nice people on the road.

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