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Crazy ideas from abroad that have been successful

New startups, having not found a sufficient response from consumers, crumble to dust without any profit.

Unexpectedly, quite absurd ideas develop for everyone, bringing multimillion-dollar profits to the organizer. Having learned about those projects that were successful and too brave, it remains only to regret that they did not come into our heads. Is it possible to bring these ideas to life in our country, we will see further.

This idea enriched the Colombian, who founded the company PetButler in his country. Employees of the company are engaged in cleaning excrement for dogs for a fee, which their customers list weekly.

This proposal to Matt Boswell, the founder of the company, once seemed ridiculous. However, the economic mindset and entrepreneurial acumen helped to quickly analyze all the pros and cons of supply. And here is the result – now PetButler is the largest company performing such unpleasant work as cleaning feces for animals. This work is one of those that they do not like, even disdain, and tend to avoid doing it on their own.

The calculation was as follows: if we take a district of 30 km with a radius, then this is more than 100,000 dogs, even if 1% of the owners of these animals will pay for the services of his company weekly, this is already a decent amount.

More than 5,000 dog breeders are now PetButler’s customers, and more than a hundred franchises have already been sold to various states.

For Russia, this idea would not be bad, but there is no sufficiently strict legislation that forces dogs to remove excrement on the lawn.

In our country there are conscious citizens who themselves clean during dog walking, but such units. If we consider breeders of different breeds of dogs, then probably these services may be in demand. But it should be noted that the concentration of breeders in any region is not so great, so a large scale is hardly possible.

Grandma’s Jam

Entrepreneur Fraser Doherty dropped out of school at 16 and opened his own Super Jam. At the age of 14, he began to sell cans with jam of his own making, which made him famous now not only in his native Scotland.
The company’s annual turnover is currently estimated at more than 500,000 cans, which is 1/5 of the entire jam market in England. In addition to the jam business, Doherty decided to write a book, now on sale you can find two, both dedicated to his business. A Scottish entrepreneur organizes many retirement parties as part of the SuperJamTeaParties charity, which was also organized by Doherty.

The company’s products have their own stand at the exhibition of the National Museum of Scotland, being a recognized example of an exemplary food brand.

The Russian version already has a similar company that not only supplies high-quality jams and preserves to all regions of the country, but also produces export products – these are jams under the brand name Maheev (Essen Production company, located in the Republic of Tatarstan).

Grain-filled Pillows

This business was opened quite spontaneously by housewife Kim Levin, who sewed grain into fabrics, turned out a pillow with a pleasant aroma, she warmed it in the microwave, and turned out a pillow for relaxation. She presented her first products to children and relatives. Then friends and acquaintances began to ask her to sew the same pillows, there were a lot of calls so that Kim thought about the wholesale of pillows for relaxation with grain inside. The potential of the idea with relaxation pillows was immediately appreciated, and Kim began to look for partners, go to retailers.

The persistence of the housewife was rewarded, a large chain store agreed to include her pillows in her assortment. As a result, it is a multi-million dollar business, which was started with a lovely gift from mom to children.

Kim Levin is constantly updating her blog, and she also wrote a book about how mothers can turn into successful business women and become millionaires.

In Russia, such a trend is already noticeable and on sale you can find for a long time buckwheat pillows for sleeping, with lavender filler and others. The range is wide enough and prices are affordable, so that not only Americans can open a successful business for health benefits.

Wedding Wagon – this is the name of the company offering wedding services in any chosen place (the available options are available on the website of the aforementioned company – this can be a hotel room, park, Las Vegas square and others).

All the accessories necessary for the ritual of marriage and worship are located in the trunk of the van. The services of a photographer, witness and other options are also offered by the company’s service.

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