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Business from Germany: Ravioli according to your own recipe through the online designer

Stuggi – this is the name of the company, organized by five independent entrepreneurs who develop the company, each introducing their own know-how.

This project is based on the exchange of knowledge. Each of the project participants is a specialist in his field (marketing, IT, sales, finance, etc.), and the combined skills and knowledge allow you to create a successful startup. The founder and the developer of the concept, the butcher by profession, Stefan Bless, is engaged in the production.

To open the company, young people took a loan and implemented an unusual project, the first and only worldwide ravioli configurator online.

The target group – lovers of new tastes, people who want to diversify the diet, who love to experiment. Stuggi gives people the opportunity to create their own, new solution. Basically, the project is addressed to those people who do not have the opportunity to spend enough time behind the stove, but do not want to switch to fast food and convenience foods, but strive to eat quality. No one mentions age, since in this case it does not matter.

Both men and women like to experiment with dishes, so many are inclined to such culinary creativity.

One of the areas on which a bet is made is a corporate order, when a company orders meals according to its own recipes. It is convenient to order envelopes with dishes prepared according to selected recipes for production canteens and for corporate evenings.

The principle of the configurator

The Stuggi website has an automatic configuration system consisting of seven simple steps.

The creative process begins with an unusual proposal – choosing the color of the dough for ravioli. There are 5 test options available:
The black;
Dyes for the test are selected exclusively food, natural and harmless.

The basis for the filling can also be different:
Further, there are practically no restrictions – the filling is supplemented with any ingredients, which are on the proposed list of 60. No more than 5 different fillings can be added to the base for the filling, which gives almost a million combinations when counting.
After selecting a recipe, the customer assigns a name to his decision.
The finished order is sent to the kitchen, where the chef manually makes ravioli.
Delivery of ready-made ravioli is made in the cooler, which guarantees the freshness of the dish.
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A standard serving weighs 390 grams, it’s 4 ravioli. The cost of such an order, in the basic recipe, will be 7.5 euros, and additives are calculated separately, since they have different prices from 0.50 to 3 euros.


Consumers, for the most part, are very interested in such a proposal, because the ability to create a product to your taste and get it directly from the hands of a master chef is very fresh and unusual.

If you don’t want to participate in experiments, inventing your own combinations, you can select ready-made solutions on the website page that were developed by the founders of the project. It turns out that you can choose interesting recipes without wasting time creating your own recipe.

There are critics of the idea, they are conservatives and supporters of the unchanging taste and ravioli recipe. The founders of the company say that no one claims to be the ravioli, and let them remain the same as they were before, and the Stuggi envelopes are a new, incomparable product. You should not consider them from the point of view of classical ravioli.

Entrepreneurs plan to expand the market, so they are looking for trading companies ready for dialogue. In addition, Stuggi will expand to regions where standard branded stores and online resources will appear. The corporate identity of the company will be on envelopes prepared according to classic Stuggi recipes, they will most clearly emphasize the “wow effect” of unusual dishes.

Based on the traditional popular dish, entrepreneurs created an outstanding solution. Modifications allowed us to improve the product, making it flexible and variable, which is very important in a dynamic world.

Customization of the product is now in fashion, so the creative solution will be a bright brand in the future. Now Staggy is at the very beginning of its development, but has already attracted a lot of attention of consumers and the press. And finally, it is worth noting the value of the assembled team, where everyone is an ace in their direction. Here we can talk about the optimal “recipe for success”, because having gathered all the skills together, the founders were able to offer the market a completely new direction, in demand and interesting.

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