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How to safely transport a large amount of money

When we have large capital, naturally, we will worry about its safety. In situations where money needs to be transported or transferred, the owner, as a rule, wants everything to be as safe as possible.

Therefore, we will talk about several methods that can be used when transporting a large amount of money, as well as about what should not be done.

Waist bag
It is quite possible to carry money safely in a waist bag. Naturally, for everything to fit, bills should be of a large denomination. The advantage of this method is that the bag will always be in sight, and they will not be able to steal it. In addition, it is not heavy at all, which makes it easy to carry it with you.

Poyasnaya Sumka dlya deneg poyasnaya sumka poyasnaya sumka dlya zhenshhin i muzhchin udobnaya sumka koshelek dlya – How to safely transport a large amount of money

Secret pocket
Many jackets and sweatshirts have inside pockets. They can even be called secret, since they are invisible to others and only the owner knows about their existence. Using such pockets to transport money is a good idea. Secret pockets can be not only in jackets, but also, for example, in a bag, jeans, sweatshirt, etc. If there is no secret pocket, but you need one, you can sew it on.

Lower shirt
Very often people carry money in things. T-shirts and T-shirts are no exception. This method is a kind of secret pocket, only here there can be several such pockets, and they are located throughout the interior of the T-shirt.

Placing the bills in small bundles in these pockets, you thereby hide them from unnecessary attention.

The main thing is not to start to “feel” them at the most unnecessary moments, namely, when they pay attention to you.

Tights or socks
Carrying money in socks or tights is a fun, but surprisingly popular way. But, for example, at the customs you still have to show the money. Otherwise, customs officers may consider this method an attempt to illegally transport funds, and the culprit will receive a fine.

In the book
Carrying large bills in a book is a common practice. The book can be carried in a bag, briefcase. Even if you carry it in your hands, no one will guess that there may be money. However, you should not read it during transportation, as the money may simply fall out of the book, and you will not notice it.

In a roll of toilet paper or tissue
If it will be inconvenient for you to transport money in clothes, then you can use another method – put them in a roll of napkins or toilet paper. This is also a safe way, because no one can see that there is money.

The difficulty here is not to give yourself away: pack the bills in a roll carefully so that it is not noticeable from the outside.

Translation to yourself
This method is used by those who need to quickly transfer a large amount of money from one city to another, without preparing certificates and standing in line at the bank. Money transfer to yourself is a way out of this situation. A person can make a transfer through large banks, or open an account in his city, and in another city to withdraw money at a branch of the same bank. This method is one of the easiest.

Do not leave money in large bags or suitcases. It is not always possible to keep track of your luggage all the way. You can go somewhere, fall asleep, and you will not carry a heavy suitcase with you. Leaving him unattended – you can lose him.

Do not put money in ordinary pockets, especially without a lock. They may just fall out and you won’t even notice it.

Now you know several ways to transport money. Choose the most suitable for you and remember – be careful!

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