Business split scheme

Do you live in a small town? A selection of ideas for you
Among the advantages, we highlight the following: - you do not need to separately organize a logistics department, because geographically in such a city everything is nearby; - a minimum…

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Find pain points in the market and beat them
To launch a successful startup in real estate, you need to see the weaknesses in the market and offer effective solutions. Nikita Komarov, product and marketing director and co-founder of…

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How to open an online store?
For a long time you want to go into the product business and open your own online store, but do not know where to start? In our article, we will…

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Crazy ideas from abroad that have been successful

New startups, having not found a sufficient response from consumers, crumble to dust without any profit.

Unexpectedly, quite absurd ideas develop for everyone, bringing multimillion-dollar profits to the organizer. Having learned about those projects that were successful and too brave, it remains only to regret that they did not come into our heads. Is it possible to bring these ideas to life in our country, we will see further.

This idea enriched the Colombian, who founded the company PetButler in his country. Employees of the company are engaged in cleaning excrement for dogs for a fee, which their customers list weekly.

This proposal to Matt Boswell, the founder of the company, once seemed ridiculous. However, the economic mindset and entrepreneurial acumen helped to quickly analyze all the pros and cons of supply. And here is the result – now PetButler is the largest company performing such unpleasant work as cleaning feces for animals. This work is one of those that they do not like, even disdain, and tend to avoid doing it on their own. Continue reading

How to build a business in the wildflowers. The story of the Velvet Flower Girl

An unusual idea helped Sonya Polska organize a business, taking pleasure and profit from her favorite pastime. Velokotsvetnitsa is an original and popular service that helps people give a piece of warmth and beauty.

The story of the origin of the idea is quite banal – Sonya went to the station on an unremarkable weekday morning to meet her grandmother and granddaughter, and in addition received a huge box with wildflowers from the dacha.

This small flower island from the Moscow region visited the metropolitan train station, traveled to the central Moscow street, and ended up in the “Dial” on Tverskaya, where it turned into many lovely bouquets. All this beauty will be for someone a surprise, sweet joy, a fragrant gift from a serene summer. Continue reading

Home Business Ideas

All business books written by sharks of entrepreneurial activity are based, in fact, on one rule: “Do only what you like and be honest with yourself.” Indeed, the whole secret of success lies in this simple proposition, however, do not forget about the basic economic laws and that the business idea is the seed on which the profitability of the future enterprise depends. This article will reveal the business ideas of a home business.


The Western word, already boring to the Russian language, denoting remote work, can serve as an impetus for conferring the title of individual entrepreneur. If you work well in popular computer programs, then it’s a sin not to use the skills. There are many cases when people literally in a few months reached a high level of income. Continue reading

Business from Germany: Ravioli according to your own recipe through the online designer

Stuggi – this is the name of the company, organized by five independent entrepreneurs who develop the company, each introducing their own know-how.

This project is based on the exchange of knowledge. Each of the project participants is a specialist in his field (marketing, IT, sales, finance, etc.), and the combined skills and knowledge allow you to create a successful startup. The founder and the developer of the concept, the butcher by profession, Stefan Bless, is engaged in the production.

To open the company, young people took a loan and implemented an unusual project, the first and only worldwide ravioli configurator online.

The target group – lovers of new tastes, people who want to diversify the diet, who love to experiment. Stuggi gives people the opportunity to create their own, new solution. Basically, the project is addressed to those people who do not have the opportunity to spend enough time behind the stove, but do not want to switch to fast food and convenience foods, but strive to eat quality. No one mentions age, since in this case it does not matter. Continue reading

Business ideas without capital

The modern world has put many people in such a situation when they have to get hired by not very pleasant and adequate people who believe that if they are employers, they can set any conditions and demand whatever they want from their employees.

But many people, by virtue of their nature, simply cannot reconcile themselves to the existing situation, and therefore prefer to look for other employment options. Unfortunately, not every person has the opportunity to open a business that requires significant capital investments, and therefore you have to go the other way.

In this case, you need a good business idea without capital, which allows literally out of the blue to create a solid foundation for obtaining guaranteed profits. Continue reading

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