Business split scheme

Luring and withdrawing customers: means of struggle
Luring or withdrawing customers Problem. Business challenge. Situation. As well as a host of other metaphors, epithets that allow you to fully or partially express your unpleasant emotions regarding the…

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How to get an LLC?
Sooner or later, every businessman has a need to legitimize the work of his organization. Knowing how to create an LLC, you can begin to conduct the work of the…

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A selection of business ideas with minimal investment
Each of us at least once in his life, but thought about how good it would be to be the owner of our own business and work according to our…

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Management company for business: bonuses and risks

1. The need for all entities of the group of companies in common for all auxiliary functions:

accounting, legal, marketing and other services, the provision of which by employees of a specialized organization is organizational and economically more profitable than the creation of similar full-time services in each individual company.

Most often, managed legal entities have neither their own lawyer, nor accountant, nor system administrator – all this is done by the personnel of the management company. Objectively, not every business is able to draw such staff in each individual organization of the Group. Continue reading

Business: the difference between greed and savings

Saving and greed – these two concepts are often confused not only in everyday everyday situations, but also in practical activities – in all areas of industry and entrepreneurship. They very often and without any special reason replace each other. And from this a not very real picture arises in the field of development and successful promotion of any enterprise, regardless of the scale of production.

If we look at the explanatory dictionary, we immediately determine what the significant difference is. Continue reading

Business split scheme: signs and risks

The term “business fragmentation”
Before we talk about business fragmentation, I would like to decide on this concept, which today has become widespread both among taxpayers, tax and judicial authorities.

It should be noted that the concept of “business fragmentation” is not defined by any legal document. But, as a rule, all parties understand that the term “business fragmentation” means dividing the economic activity of an economic entity into parts according to some criterion in order to achieve certain goals. Continue reading

One big friendly company, or how to split a business

Have you decided to split up a business? To split honestly with sound business goals and in accordance with the idea that has been ripening in your head for 2 years (after all, everything is written down in the plans for the development of the company). All preparatory nuances are observed. But how to “live” further on with new OOO-shkam? How to “be friends” and meet all the signs of independence? In a fresh court decision, the company did exactly the opposite: all visible and invisible signs indicated non-independence. Continue reading

4 conditions when you can 100% protect the assets of your business.

The problem of protecting business assets is acute and obvious. Since 2017, new rules of subsidiary liability have been working, the opportunity has arisen to foreclose on property, bypassing the bankruptcy procedure. And for the “abandoned” companies, too. The Federal Tax Service acquired exclusive powers to recover tax arrears, including from business beneficiaries.

All of the above indicates that the separation of property into a separate company in itself does not provide any protection at all. Continue reading

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